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HypaLUME LED Floodlight

HypaLUME LED Floodlight

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Part Number : 1GA 011 872-121


The powerful optical system generates over 20,000 lumens for a mere 240W consumption (10A@24V) offering class leading luminous efficacy. With this impressive output, HypaLUME® provides usable light comparable to a 400W metal halide fitting for significantly less energy consumption.

Engineered reliability

Completely  sealed (IP6K9K) housings are impervious to moisture and contaminants. HypaLUME® development programs had endured arduous torture tests of harsh vibration, impact, thermal shock, deluge testing, EMC bursts, accelerated corrosion and harsh chemical exposure.

Proven durable materials

Heavy duty Grilamid® is specified for the lens material due to advantages in UV and chemical resistance and exceptionally high impact resistance. The unique heat-sink housing features a bonded non-stick coating that will not corrode, discolour, peel or flake.

Benchmark working light colour

The wide reaching beam pattern offers crisp white ‘close to daylight’ 5700K colour temperature. Working under this colour of light reduces the fatigue and eye strain sometimes caused by warmer colour halogen lighting.

Reliable in extreme conditions

Tested to operate from –40° to +50° Celsius with no decrease in output, HypaLUME® provides utmost reliability in the most extreme operating temperatures.

Secure installation

The ultra heavy duty 316 stainless steel bracket firmly grips the HypaLUME® to withstand harsh vibration and impact while also providing vertical angle adjustment.