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SeaStar Solutions MT-3 Controls

SeaStar Solutions MT-3 Controls

  • Product Code: Mechanical engine Control
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These dual-function (single lever controls throttle and shift)enable one-handed engine control. Start and warm-up are done by pulling out thehand levers in the neutral position. This disengages the clutch and allowsthrottle to be advanced in neutral. Returning to neutral detent re-engages theclutch. Built-in friction drag helps prevent slippage and throttle creep whileunderway.

·       Functions: Dual-function Lever

·       Material: Chrome-plated brass

·       Dimensions: Base: Single 6 3/16"L x 3 9/16"W; Twin 6 3/16"L x4 13/16"W·

·      Mounting Style: Top-mount Cable Type: 33, 3300 type (SAE 10-32 thread); singlecan also use 4300 type (SAE 1/4-28 thread)

DescriptionMFG Part #
Hardware Kit for MT-3 Twin Lever
 308727       USD$36.50
CH5300P    USD$350.00
CH5310P    USD$240.00