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SeaStar Solutions MT-3 Controls

SeaStar Solutions MT-3 Controls

  • Product Code: Mechanical engine Control
  • Availability: In Stock
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Designed with a contoured grip for ergonomic hand-fittingcomfort, these controls also provide a universal fit to many current 3300-OEMtype control cables and adapt to many current inboard, outboard and I/Oengines. Both the CH1700 side-mount and the CH7500 top-mount with right handlever feature push-button warm-up and single lever shift and throttle operationwith trim in the handle. Neutral interlock prevents starts in gear. Controlsinclude a cable nest kit that mates to the engine's shift and throttle cable.The CH1700 side-mount control only fits starboard-side gunwales from 1/4"to 3/4" thick.

·        Functions: Throttle and shift

·        Levers: One lever controls boththrottle and shift

·        Lever Material: Plastic

·        Mounting Style: 1700 Series: Side

·        7500 Series: Top

·        Cable Type: Any current 3300-/OEMtype control cable

·        Warranty: Two years

Product Models

Description MFG Part #
Standard with Safety Shutoff
CH1750P             USD$351.00
CH1751P              USD$299.00
Trim & Tilt
CH1752P              USD522.00